Two Fylde coast drivers have 24 points

Speed cameras in Blackpool
Speed cameras in Blackpool
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TWO Fylde coast motorists are still driving around the streets despite having 24 points on their licence.

The shock news comes as road safety charity Brake launched a campaign to get drivers off the roads who persistently break the law and put lives at risk.

And after figures were released by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), bosses today told how another local motorist had clocked up 23 endorsements and was still driving.

In all, the statistics showed a staggering 74 drivers on the Fylde coast have managed to cling onto their licence despite having clocked up the maximum 12 points, which normally leads to a ban unless magistrates can be convinced it is necessary for the offender to carry on driving.

And The Gazette has seen a number of rogue websites which have been set up telling people exactly how to use exceptional hardship claims - such as losing employment - to avoid a ban.

Dahlia Edmundson, whose 13-year-old daughter Leanne was killed on the road as she made her way to St George’s High School in 2003, said people got enough chances to keep their licence.

She added: “There should be zero tolerance. One point and you’re banned. Nobody ever screams until someone is killed and these people will never stop until one of their own family members dies.”