Trucker’s epic trip to deliver vital aid

Phil Green will be delivering humanitarian aid to children's orphanage in Belarus
Phil Green will be delivering humanitarian aid to children's orphanage in Belarus
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A TRUCK driver will drive thousands of miles across Europe to deliver humanitarian aid to an orphanage in Belarus.

Phil Green, 40, set off on his epic journey yesterday to take medical equipment, furniture, building materials and clothes to the children’s home in Syscycy, just south of Minsk.

It is home to babies and children affected by the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago.

It will be Mr Green’s third humanitarian trip – he twice delivered goods to villages in Romania in June this year.

Mr Green, of Rydal Avenue, Thornton, who works for haulage company, McGeown International, based in Northern Ireland, said he was looking forward to the trip but was ‘apprehensive’ as he had never been to Belarus.

The father-of-three, who is delivering supplies for WEast Chernobyl – which sends aid from west to underprivileged in the east – said: “It’s a long trip, but it’s exciting.

“Belarus is described as Europe’s last dictatorship, so I’m expecting a bit of trouble but it’s worth it knowing you are delivering desperately needed medical equipment and clothes to people suffering.”

Mr Green believes this trip will be ‘incredibly emotional’ as he will see first hand the effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

He said: “When I delivered to Romania last month I was hands on with the work. I spoke to residents, they had a great sense of humour even though the clothes they wore were literally all they owned.

“It was extremely humbling

“I really hope to speak to people at the orphanage but I think it will be distressing as well as satisfying because of the children involved.”