‘Yellow lines would kill our businesses’

Kelly Haskett next to some of the parked cars on Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool Business Park.
Kelly Haskett next to some of the parked cars on Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool Business Park.
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Bosses at a string of firms on a Blackpool business park today called on the council to scrap plans for a blanket ban on parking next to their offices.

Businesses on Amy Johnson Way, South Shore, could see single yellow lines painted outside their premises in a bid to ease rush hour congestion as part of Blackpool Council’s latest wave of parking restrictions.

But business chiefs insist their offices will be hit if people are banned from parking nearby because of poor transport links into the site.

Hugh Evans, policy director at the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, said his offices, on Lockheed Court, will be hit as the building is used regularly by people attending training courses from across the region.

He said: “We strongly object to the restrictions as proposed.

“We opened the centre in 2008 to provide training and conference facilities for members and non-members across north and western Lancashire.

“Our average event attendance is between 20 and 30 delegates, the vast majority of which have to travel by car because public transport is simply not a viable option.

“Extending the restrictions to cover the remainder of Amy Johnson Way is draconian and, in our view, completely unnecessary. It would quite simply prevent us from carrying out our business.”

The changes would see cars unable to park where the lines are painted, which firms say would affect staff too.

Sandra Reilly, from HR and accounts at Town Pages Ltd, said: “This would be a massive problem for my staff.

“It’s not as if there’s anywhere to park and I can see people parking outside houses on Squires Gate Lane, which is going to cause residents problems.

“We get cars parking around here from other offices and it creates a bottle neck.

“There’s a big patch of land nearby and that used to be open for people to park on but that’s closed off.”

Kelly Haskett, 29, a customer services advisor at Town Pages Ltd, added: “We would have difficulty coming to work if we couldn’t park here. I live in North Shore and I don’t want to pay the expense of getting the bus because I have a car.

“It’s ridiculous that we are coming to work and this could be enforced.”

A Blackpool Council spokesman said: “This proposal has been brought forward in response to complaints from businesses and road users in the area about congestion and issues with safety and sightlines as vehicles exit junctions.

“A statutory consultation period has been completed and we will now consider all opinions before making a final decision.”

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