Workmen prepare to close Crossley’s Bridge again

Crossley's Bridge will shut again next month - but only overnight and for five days
Crossley's Bridge will shut again next month - but only overnight and for five days
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Crossley’s Bridge is set to close again – but this time it’s only overnight and for five days, the council revealed.

Transport bosses believe closing the major route is the fastest way to finish resurfacing it, and to fully reopen the bridge before Thursday, July 27.

It partially reopened in April after being closed for six months, during which time it was demolished and rebuilt as part of a £6.1 million project.

John Blackledge, director of community and environmental services at the town hall, said: “This is an overnight closure which will allow us to carry out the final resurfacing of the highway.

“Not many cars are using the bridge during the night so the impact on traffic should be minimal, but the benefit of doing this work with a full road closure rather than the current lane restrictions should mean the job being completed quicker and to a higher standard – hopefully allowing us to fully reopen the bridge earlier than originally planned, which I’m sure drivers will be happy to hear.”

The Plymouth Road bridge, which links Blackpool and the M55 with Bispham, Cleveleys, and Fleetwood, will be closed from 7.30pm until 5am from Monday, June 5, until Friday, June 9, the council said.

The work was not planned, but the council has ‘reacted to an opportunity to complete the work quicker than originally planned’, a spokesman said.

Emergency services will be able to use the road at all times, he added. Ambulance chiefs spoke of potential delays when the bridge first closed last November.