Woman relives her hit and run hell

Maureen Langley, of Elaine Avenue in Marton, is recovering at home after being knocked down on Squires Gate Lane.
Maureen Langley, of Elaine Avenue in Marton, is recovering at home after being knocked down on Squires Gate Lane.
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A grandmother left lying in the gutter with horrific injuries after being knocked down by a hit and run driver today told how she feared she was going to die.

Pensioner Maureen Langley, 64, was crossing Squires Gate Lane, South Shore, when a car hit her before driving off.

She spent 12 weeks in hospital as doctors battled to save her right leg, undergoing two operations to repair her shattered limb.

And the grandmother-of-five, who has now finally returned to her Marton home, today spoke about the terrifying ordeal for the first time.

Mrs Langley said: “I thought I was going to die. I felt the pain and thought ‘this is it’ because it was so horrific.”

She said: “It’s been horrendous and I thought I was going to lose my leg.

“I remember getting hit and the car stopping and thinking, ‘Are they going to help me?’

“But then I heard cars revving and thought I better move my leg out of the way incase they ran over me again. I was so scared.

“I thought I was going to die. I felt the pain and thought ‘this is it’ because it was so horrific.

“I was very frightened and all I wanted was my kids.”

Despite suffering excruciating pain following the collision, the mother-of-three managed to move her injured leg out of danger before emergency services arrived at the scene.

She was initially taken to Preston Royal Hospital before being transferred to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

But despite the relief of finally being home, she revealed the aftermath of the accident has had a huge impact on her everyday life.

Her home has had to be transformed to cater for her needs - the bed has been moved downstairs and a ramp is being built at the front of the home.

And while Mrs Langley, who was widowed in 1990, hopes to regain the strength in her leg and walk again, she is battling upsetting flashbacks and says she now fears busy roads.

She added: “All I wanted was to go home but I kept thinking about my leg because I’ll never have another one.

“When I first saw my leg it was horrendous - I never thought something could look like that.

“The muscle had gone and it just looked like a piece of meat in the butchers.

“But when I was told my leg could be saved I was crying and so happy.

“I’m grateful I’m here, but I still have flashbacks to the incident when all I can see are cars driving around and then I wake up.

“Being next to cars is still awful.

“I was on the Promenade in Blackpool and, because there’s no kerb and it was so busy, I was panicking.”

Mrs Langley, a former care assistant at Rossendale Nursing Home, Ansdell, is currently taking anti depressants, 11 tablets a day, and is to undergo counselling, but maintains slim hopes of returning to work.

She added: “It’s been quite a lot to take in.

“I was never in the house, I was always doing something and could do anything for myself.

“I keep thinking to myself that I would like to go back to work because I only did two days a week.

“I used to go into town and now I can’t go anymore which is upsetting because I was very active.”

As Mrs Langley continues her long road to recovery, she is now calling for the driver involved in the incident to hand themselves in to police.

She added: “I hope someone comes forward because I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

“I wish they would come forward because they’ve changed my life and before this I was a very active person.”

Mrs Langley’s three children, Jamie, 37, Sharon, 40 and Donna, 33, now share the responsibilities of caring for their mother as she continues her recovery.

Donna said: “This has changed all of our lives and the person responsible should do the right thing and come forward.

“Everyday between the three of us and other people, we need to help her because she can’t do anything.

“Luckily, the neighbours come in and open the blinds and the window, which is fantastic, and I don’t know what we would do without them.”

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