Woman,88, hurt in tram line collision

The scene after the incident near Leicester Avenue, Cleveleys
The scene after the incident near Leicester Avenue, Cleveleys
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A PENSIONER had to be taken to hospital after she was clipped by a tram.

Despite the driver’s desperate efforts to stop the vehicle, the 88-year-old was struck as she crossed the line at Cleveleys, between West Drive and Beach Road.

A spokesman for Blackpool Transport, which runs the tram service, said the vehicle clipped the woman’s arm.

The blow knocked her to the ground, causing her to hurt her head.

Witness Zoe Roberts was on the tram at the time of the collision which happened around 11.30am yesterday.

She said: “The woman was just walking on the track, we heard she didn’t see the tram approaching and, even though the driver put the brakes on, it ended up clipping her arm.

“I could see it all. The woman was on the ground when the tram stopped. It was horrible. Everyone was hoping she was OK.”

Zoe, 19, who was on her way to work in Cleveleys, said the tram was halted for around 20 minutes, and the passengers were told to stay on the tram.

She added: “Everyone was concerned and the driver was shaken up. But the lady walked over to the ambulance.”

A bus replacement services was put on for around an hour after the incident between Cleveleys and Fleetwood. Director of delivery for Blackpool Transport, Bob Mason, said the driver was left shaken after the incident, and was being offered support.

He added: “It appears an elderly lady has stepped out on to one of the foot crossings in front of the tram.

“The driver took all necessary precautions to stop the tram, but he clipped the lady, causing some grazing to her elbow.

Police officers and an ambulance crew were also at the scene.

A spokeswoman for the ambulance service said: “The female victim was conscious and breathing, with a minor head injury.

“She was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.”