Winter parking return bid

Hoteliers Charlie Docherty and Pat Francioni by one of the 'confusing' parking signs
Hoteliers Charlie Docherty and Pat Francioni by one of the 'confusing' parking signs
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Seasonal parking scrapped because the signs were too “confusing” could return to a Blackpool street after a two-year absence.

Until 2011, Coronation Street – and several others around it – were free to park on during the winter months.

However, at a recent Talbot ward PACT meeting, residents were told the signs – saying the rules only applied until Good Friday – had caused problems because many people did not know when that was.

Hotelier Charlie Docherty, who runs the Astoria on Hull Road, said he had seen many motorists get a ticket since the rules changed to allow for just one hour’s parking.

He said his petition led to seasonal parking being kept on Hull Road when the rules changed in 2011 - but the sign still refers to Good Friday, when one-hour parking restrictions come into force.

He said: “The changes have made a big difference in a bad way.

“Why not just change the signs to say a certain date if people can’t understand it?”

He said he has spent the last two years trying to get the seasonal parking system reinstated on Coronation Street and has become frustrated by the length of time it has taken.

Pat Francioni, who runs the Alumhurst Hotel on Charnley Road, said: “People used to get free parking in the winter but now they have to keep moving their cars.

“I can’t believe the council couldn’t have come up with a simpler solution than taking the signs down.

“I get so annoyed by this sort of thing.”

The wording of the sign was chosen because tourism in the resort traditionally picks up from Good Friday, which changes date each year.

At the PACT meeting, on Wednesday, Coun Mark Smith told residents: “We had lots of people complaining about seasonal parking because they didn’t understand when Good Friday was.”

However, both ward councillors said they have been told by council officers the system can be reinstated – with less confusing signs – if there is sufficient demand.

Coun Sarah Riding said afterwards: “I have been used to seasonal parking and it always used to work really well.

“It seems perfectly reasonable to bring it back – that shouldn’t be a problem.”

A council spokesman said the authority would look into why there is a seasonal parking sign currently in place on Hull Road that still mentions Good Friday.

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