Warning to people who alert drivers of speed traps

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MOTORISTS who flash a warning to other drivers alerting them of police speed checks have been fined in a police crackdown.

It came as Lancashire’s road policing unit launch a series of speed check operations at accident black spots across the county.

Police will be located in areas where residents have complained about motorists driving irresponsibly and where equipment has recorded vehicles travelling at excessively high speeds.

But not only will speeding motorists face fines – drivers who warn other motorists that speed checks are taking place by flashing their headlights will also be penalised.

Last week, during checks on Blackpool Road, Carleton, and Fleetwood Road South, Thornton, officers gave 23 motorists fines for speeding and a further 20 motorists fines for misuse of headlights.

PC Antony Gray, of the road policing unit, said: “People who flash their headlights at other cars to warn them there are police officers nearby may think they are doing someone a favour but potentially they are putting lives at risk.

“Flashing your lights at someone may make them slow down for just a second, but it will not make them change their habits in the long run.”

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Carol Bracegirdle, of Blackpool Council’s Road Safety team, added: “If someone warns other motorists there is a speed check it won’t make drivers change their habits or behaviour, a police warning or fine is more of a deterrent.”

But others believe targeting drivers for warning others of upcoming speed checks is a step too far.

Richard Hook, a former member of the British Motoring Association said police need to concentrate their efforts on stopping the real dangerous drivers.

He said: “I am fairly ambivalent if other motorists flash their headlights, they are only highlighting police stupidity, because as usual the police seem to be going after the easy targets. I don’t think other motorists should be warned for flashing drivers to slow down.”

Philip Forster, manager of Carleton Crossroads Garage on Fleetwood Road South, added: “Its good to hear police are carrying out speed checks, as I’ve seen a lot of accidents down here but I didn’t know it was an offence to warn motorists.

“You can buy Sat Navs now which tell you when there is a speed camera on a road, are they illegal as well?”

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