VIDEO: Protest over excess speed

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Schoolchildren and parents united to warn speeding motorists in a quiet Fylde village to change their ways.

Mums from Staining Primary School organised a rush hour demonstration to warn drivers their actions could have potentially fatal consequences.

Staining mums and schoolchildren demonstrate against speeding

Staining mums and schoolchildren demonstrate against speeding

Around 30 villagers waved placards during the protest on Staining Road.

Organiser and mother-of-four Sharon Leadbetter, 32, of Windmill Close, said: “The speed that some of them go through the village in the morning and overtake on a sharp bend is terrible.

“We’re hoping really that people start enforcing the speed limit.”

Much of the village, which serves as a major through-road between South Fylde and the Wyre towns, currently falls under a 20mph limit.

A group of volunteers have been trained in the use of mobile speed cameras, but police officers are rarely available to supervise their use.

Anne Furness, 60, of Staining Road, said: “The lollipop lady’s nearly been knocked over before.

“Some of the residents have been trained on the cameras, but I never see anything in the morning.”

Among those aiming to raise awareness of speeding on Wednesday morning were brothers George and David Hindle.

George, 10, said: “I think they should slow down, because when I come out my house in the morning to go to the shop, there’s lots of people speeding and overtaking.

“When I cross the road I nearly get run over, and I think there should be a zebra crossing.”

His six-year-old brother David added: “We should stop them because they go too fast.

“If people want to cross the road and the cars can’t stop they could die.”

A survey conducted by Lancashire County Council, in October, revealed that just three-and-a-half per cent of drivers travelling through Staining adhere to the 20mph limit.

Staining parish councillor Coun Keith Shuck said: “I came out to give the girls and boys our support. It makes them realise sometimes when they see children about, so we’ll see if this does any good.”

Coun John Singleton, who represents the village on Fylde Borough Council, added: “I support this demonstration 100 per cent.

“The speed limit needs to be enforced, and people like Sharon need to be promoting this in the village.”