Traffic chaos after barrier on Carleton Crossing gets stuck

File photo of Carleton crossing
File photo of Carleton crossing

The barrier at Carleton Crossing, in Blackpool Road, became stuck earlier this afternoon, leading to 'heavy traffic'.

Network Rail said the problem was reported at 2.04pm, with engineers were on their way to fix the problem at 2.32pm.

Trains were running, with the barriers down and the lights flashing, but the fault was 'disrupting traffic', a spokesman for the rail firm said, with the engineers also stuck in traffic.

Lancashire Police said officers were called out at 2.45pm to help officers from British Transport Police manage traffic.

One 'frustrated bus passenger' said he saw workmen at the site, and the barriers open, shortly before 3pm.

Half an hour later, Blackpool Transport tweeted to say its number 14 bus service was 'back to the normal route' in Carleton.