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Coun Fred Jackson, Tony Price of Blackpool Mercedes and Coun Kath Rowson drive the message home.
Coun Fred Jackson, Tony Price of Blackpool Mercedes and Coun Kath Rowson drive the message home.
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IT is five minutes of your day – and it could save a life.

That was the message from community leaders as they put pen to paper and pledged to stick to the 30mph speed limit.

And now they want residents across the town to back their 10th annual campaign to curb their speed and make the resort safer.

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for streets and transport, told The Gazette: “It is very important to send a message out and for councillors to lead by example.

“We’ve seen a big reduction in road collisions over the last 10 years, and we want to bring that down even more.

“It’s about asking people to be responsible and take responsibility.”

And Coun Kath Rowson has seen first-hand why drivers need to kill their speed on Blackpool’s roads.

She said: “In my ward, Kincraig School is having lots of trouble with people speeding past and the lollipop lady has had some near-misses with cars going so quickly they have not seen them.

“Is it worth getting somewhere two or three minutes earlier and potentially killing a child?”

The council hope as many people will back the ‘Blackpool is 30 – or Less’ campaign, and is urging residents to join the 3,500 people who have already made the pledge.

The pledge asks people to follow the 30mph policy throughout Blackpool and encourage other drivers to follow suit.

Tony Price, manager at campaign sponsors Blackpool Mercedes, said: “When we learned that 30 or less was aimed at preventing people dying on Blackpool’s roads we thought it was really worthwhile to get involved.

“Mercedes Benz is synonymous with speed and performance but it’s also about safety and we’ve already got lots of people to sign the pledge.”

To show support for the campaign people can log on to and click on the link to sign up and take the pledge.


>> The Blackpool is 30 or Less campaign was first launched by the council in 2003.

>> In 2002, 867 people were injured on Blackpool’s roads.

>> By last year, that number had fallen to 616 people injured.

>> Accidents on the resort’s roads have reduced by around 25 per cent since the campaign began.

>> Between 2006 and 2011 there was a 31 per cent reduction in the number of children who were the victims of a road traffic accident.

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