Roadworks warning following repeated flooding of Amounderness Way and West Drive junction

Standing water at the junction of Amounderness Way and West Drive
Standing water at the junction of Amounderness Way and West Drive
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A Fylde coast county councillor is warning drivers could be facing more roadworks trouble if repeated flooding continues.

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Coun Andrea Kay said drivers needed to be made aware of standing water more than a foot deep at the junction of Amounderness Way and West Drive.

She said several drivers were caught out following the heavy rain late last month, with cars skidding out of control after aquaplaning on the puddles.

She said she had contacted Highways England who had done an initial inspection and it appeared to be a problem with drainage in the gutters.

She said: “There has been a real problem, the water was so deep drivers were having to use the whole junction.

“If you do not know the area there could be a serious accident especially if coming across the junction at any speed heading towards the Promenade.

“Drivers coming from the Fleetwood Road direction do not see the water until they virtually hit it. In the recent rain it has been around a foot and a half deep.

“I have contacted Highways England and it appears that the bricks at the side of the road with holes have not been allowing the water to drain away properly.

“I am also worried about the residents there too as it could overflow down into their properties. We have already had terrible flooding in the area. What I fear is that it is not an easy problem to fix and they might have to dig up the road. That is the last thing we need round here.

“I would say to drivers if you are using the junction of Amounderness Way and West Park Drive, please be careful.”