Residents riled by bus turning

North Shore residents who are angry that buses are using their roads to turn round in.
North Shore residents who are angry that buses are using their roads to turn round in.
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RESIDENTS are seeing red over buses travelling past their homes.

The former London buses, which are part of Classic Bus North West’s number 12 Promenade service, are using Carlin Gate, Holmfield Road and St Stephen’s Avenue to turn round when they reach the northern end of their route.

Four buses an hour are using the North Shore roads.

Now residents have signed a petition, calling for the drivers to stop using their roads, which they have presented to Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard.

Classic Bus North West says it has received only a small number of complaints.

But Mervyn Beevers, of Carlin Gate, said the streets are too narrow for the buses.

He added: “This is a residential area but now we have got up to 54 buses a day going past our homes. There is one after the other at certain times of the day.

“We get fumes and smoke when they rev up, and when the open top buses go past we have passengers looking down into our gardens.”

Margaret Meades, of St Stephen’s Avenue, said: “There are about four buses an hour from 9.35am until about 8.15pm each day. It’s very disruptive for everyone.”

Hugh Burch, of Carlin Gate, said almost all the residents had signed the petition.

He said: “There are exhaust diesel fumes when they are revving up and vibrations as the buses go past.

“There is also a safety issue because when they are turning they come across to the other side of the road and there have been a couple of near misses with cars.”

Philip Higgs, of Classic Bus North West, said: “I’m surprised about the petition because we’ve had only a small number of complaints.

“We had to give 56-days notice to operate the bus service under licensing rules and similarly we would have to give 56-days notice to change the roads where we turn around at North Shore, so even if we registered this today it would be mid-October when the route could be altered.

“We will, however, consult residents for the 2013 operation since “SeaFront 12” finishes for the winter at the end of October.

“The old London buses were re-engineered before they were retired from service in the capital ready for the low emission zone with new engines and gearboxes.”

Mr Maynard’s office confirmed they had received the petition.

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