Residents baffled by signs behind foliage

Leaves block the signage pointing to Stanley Park and (below) Coun Fred Jackson.
Leaves block the signage pointing to Stanley Park and (below) Coun Fred Jackson.
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ARE you looking for Stanley Park? Well it is possible you may be looking a little while longer if this is the kind of help being offered to drivers.

The same goes for Blackpool Victoria Hospital and the Zoo after a road sign directing motorists towards the landmarks was put up behind a tree.

Coun Fred Jackson

Coun Fred Jackson

Bemused residents on South Park Drive, Blackpool, were astounded to find workmen putting the directions in place with little more than only the last few letters visible from the road.

Baffled Barbara Conroy, 70, spotted the sign being put in place and has questioned why it was not placed in a different location.

She told The Gazette: “It took a crew of four men to dig it in, but it’s about a foot behind a tree.

“It’s not visible from the road and it’s only a young tree, so it will be completely covered soon.

“It’s a total waste of money and I can’t believe they have done something like this.”

Mrs Conroy claims the whole street are aggrieved with the decision to erect the sign, which is only going to be moved once the tree begins to grow.

She added: “I would’ve thought they would question it’s position but they carried on regardless.

“It’s no detriment to us at all but it’s ridiculous.

“We need a sign there to let people know what is in this area, but not one which people are blind to.”

Blackpool Council today said they had already had plans to move the tree when the sign was installed.

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for Streets and Transport, told The Gazette: “We have recently planted trees along South Park Drive, as well as installing a new road sign.

“This particular sapling was planned to be relocated before the sign was put in place, however the two projects overlapped slightly resulting in a few days when the sign was partly blocked.

“As planned, the tree has now been relocated to another plot behind the sign, and will not cause an obstruction to any who are using the sign for directions.”

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