Rescue teams called out

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THREE men were rescued from the sea in two separate incidents yesterday.

Blackpool’s RNLI lifeboats launched at 7.20pm after a man was seen in difficulties in the water by the Mirror Ball in South Shore.

Local fishermen and a Coastguard team pulled the man from the water as the lifeboats arrived.

A spokesman for HMS Coastguard said: “A man had gone for a walk along the beach. He waded into the water but the tide was coming in.

“He was checked over by an ambulance but he was ok.”

Just a couple of hours later, two men were spotted in trouble in a dinghy in the sea by North Pier.

Lifeboat crews and the Coastguard were sent to the scene around 9pm.

The RNLI rescued the men, aged 24 and 25, and took them back to shore to be checked over by paramedics.

Helmsman David Warburton said: “The two men were very cold and we quickly got them in the lifeboat and back to shore.

“We were amazed they did not have any paddles with them and as there was an offshore wind, no way off getting back to land.”