Reminder bus stops are not a parking spot

Lazy motorists are being urged to use their feet and their heads and not delay bus services.

Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 6:00 am
Buses are being blocked from entering bus bays, according to Phillip Higgs

Concerns have been raised over drivers using bus bays as an impromptu parking spot, blocking the route of services and forcing passengers to board in the road.

One particular hotspot is in the centre of Thornton where a bus stop lay-by prevents transport backing up through the village.

And one resident got so fed up with seeing motorists ignoring the rules he decided to grab photos of those responsible.

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Phillip Higgs

The bus stop is just yards away from a free car park but that doesn’t seem to matter with four drivers caught leaving their vehicles in the bus lane on one morning.

Now, the company responsible for many of the services through, has issued a reminder to anyone thinking of parking in the bus stop.

One of the images captured in Thornton showed a Catch22 bus, being blocked from entering the bus stop.

And boss Phillip Higgs made it clear the case was not a one off.

Phillip Higgs

He said: “Parking at bus stops is a problem for us, as often it prevents level access from the kerb onto the bus, particularly for elderly passengers who then have to walk out into the road to board the bus”.

However, Mr Higgs admitted motorists using bus stops wasn’t the only parking peril his firm was facing.

He revealed an increase in services around Thornton and Cleveleys had brought a new and unexpected problem.

He said: “We have also experienced problems from some shopkeepers in Cleveleys.

“Our drivers on service 24 keep the same bus for their working day and need to park it up for their lunch break.

“We cannot park on the stands in Cleveleys Bus station as this blocks the stands for passengers and other bus services.

“There are two bus and coach parking waiting areas, one at the top of Victoria Road West and one at the top of Rough Lea Road, but some shopkeepers have been telling drivers the buses are blocking the view to their business.

“Given the hundreds of passengers we bring into Cleveleys each day for shopping, this seems very unfair and the buses are not contravening any parking regulations.”