Rat run residents’ ‘help us park’ call

Park Road (Poulton le Fylde) residents John Varney (left) and Nigel Rhodes by some of the cars parked on their road.
Park Road (Poulton le Fylde) residents John Varney (left) and Nigel Rhodes by some of the cars parked on their road.
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NEIGHBOURS who say they have forked out hundreds of pounds to repair damage to their cars are calling for parking permits to reduce congestion on their street.

Residents claim Park Road, Poulton, is being clogged by commuters parking up and using the nearby railway station.

And they say it is being treated as a “rat run” by drivers hoping to avoid traffic along nearby Station Road and Breck Road.

They are now calling for stricter parking rules and access on the narrow road to avoid cars being damaged.

One resident said he has reduced the size of his garden in order to park his car off road.

Ron Varney, 70, told The Gazette: “I’ve had all the back of my car caved in, it’s been scratched all down the side.

“I’ve given up and chopped my garden back and park round there now.”

Neighbour Jackie Humphreys, 50, added: “Before Christmas the driver’s door of my car was all caved in, and the wing mirror was knocked off and there were scratches all down the side. It cost us £1,000 to get repaired.”

Council bin collections lorries are also often unable to get down the narrow road.

Mrs Humphreys said residents along the road now fear emergency vehicles would be unable to get to properties on the street when cars are tightly packed in.

She added: “The fire brigade would have no chance to be able to get down.”

The neighbours are asking Lancashire County Council to install resident only parking, or limited the amount of vehicles allowed to stop on the street.

Daniel Herbert, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager, said: “Residents have raised concerns about parking on Park Road and the surrounding area.

“We’ve listened to what they’ve had to say and will be carrying out a review of parking in the area over the next few months.

“Following this review, we will look at the available options to see if we can find a way forward.”

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