Public quizzed on railway bid

Poulton railway station
Poulton railway station
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COMMUTERS have welcomed a campaign to reopen a railway line between Poulton and Fleetwood.

Passengers at Poulton station have been interviewed to find out whether they would be in favour of such a move.

And the Poulton and Wyre Railway Society, who carried out the study, says it is encouraged by the response it received.

The society’s secretary, Geoff Ogden, said: “We were wondering what sort of reaction we’d get but we were very pleasantly surprised, everyone supported what we were trying to do.

“We talked to people who were off to Oxford, London and all over the place and we wanted to see whether this would be viable as a commuter option as well as just a heritage railway.

“It looks very promising and we also had people saying they wouldn’t necessarily use it as a commuter option but they’d use it to get to Freeport, so there’s that element as well.”

Eight members of the society interviewed 238 passengers, around a quarter of the station’s daily users.

The results of the study are expected to be released next week. Paul Nettleton, chairman of the Blackpool and Fylde Rail Users Association, has welcomed the research.

He said: “Fleetwood is one of the largest towns in the country without proper railway services, it’s really got to happen because I drove to Fleetwood the other day and remarked to my wife how busy the roads were.

“I fully support the society because if you’re going to do anything with the town in terms of reviving its economy you’ve got to have proper transport links.

“This is never going to happen overnight but at the same time you’ve got to show professionalism and the society have done that.

“They’ve got people on their committee who are in the right place to try and get things going, so I’ve every confidence the outcome will be a positive one.”

Fleetwood Town Council chairman, Alan Marsh, added: “It will be good for both towns.

“They’ve done a tremendous job with what they’ve done and one can only applaud them.”

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