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BAE Systems' Warton
BAE Systems' Warton
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FRUSTRATED residents are calling for the speed limit of their road to be raised – after being harassed for driving too slowly.

Church Road in Warton was one of the first roads in Fylde to be reduced to 20mph as part of a Lancashire-wide project to drive down speed, but local people claim it’s making their lives a misery.

Warton councillor Julie Brickles

Warton councillor Julie Brickles

They are being backed by Warton Coun Julie Brickles who believes the lower limit, brought in by the County Council, is not appropriate for the busy commuter route.

The road is regularly used by workers travelling to and from the village’s BAE Systems plant.

Coun Brickles said: “It’s a major route out of Warton and residents adhering to the limit are being beeped, flashed with lights and generally abused by irate motorists.

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“It’s not really a residential road.”

Church Road resident Richard Taylor added: “The new limit has made the road more dangerous.

“I have experienced and witnessed dangerous overtaking manoeuvres by frustrated motorists.”

The lower speed limit is being rolled out on all residential roads across Lancashire, and the man responsible, County Coun Tim Ashton, said speed limits could be reviewed – but only after people have had more time to get used to them.

He said: “I can understand people’s concerns because we have seen in residents being harassed for driving at the correct speed in other areas.

“I am happy to look at areas but I would rather give them a bit more time to see if we have – or haven’t – got it wrong.

“I don’t want to slow commuter traffic down, but on roads with high pedestrian use I would consider 20mph worthwhile.

“We’re working with the police and we will enforce the speed limit on a targeted basis.”

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