Petition hope for parking blackspot

Coun Susan Fazackerley and Coun Ed Nash with concerned residents.
Coun Susan Fazackerley and Coun Ed Nash with concerned residents.
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CAMPAIGNERS are hoping to end long-running parking problems on a busy street.

The Pavements for Pedestrians group say a well-supported petition should finally bring to an end dangerous and illegal parking on St Albans Road, St Annes.

Motorists have been mounting the kerb close to shops and near pedestrians, in an attempt to avoid double yellow lines down one side of the street.

The issue has angered residents, who feel drivers should use spaces provided in a nearby car park.

One even complained her daughter was almost knocked over by a reversing car.

Flower planters have now been installed to deter motorists from around the shops close to the junction with Church Road, but campaigners say enough is enough.

Drew McLaren, St Annes Central Ward PACT chairman, told The Gazette: “This problem has long been discussed, with St Annes town councillors, Fylde councillors and the police have been notified in a variety of forums.

“So far very little co-ordinated action has been taken, with only one individual putting some flower beds in place to act as a barrier of sorts.

“The local support for the action has grown after I placed a petition in the post office on St Albans Road.

“We have so far had more than 200 signatures to sort the parking situation on that side of the road.”

Campaigners hope the forecourts can be raised, which would help deter drivers from mounting the kerbs, as well as re-surfacing the pavements.

Coun Ed Nash, of Fylde Council, said: “This situation has continued for long enough, with cars driving up on to the kerb endangering pedestrians.

“Due to wear and tear over time the pavements have lowered, and it’s now an invitation for people to continue parking there.

“I’ve seen people drive up on the pavement when the car park 20 yards away is empty.

“It’s becoming one of the most painful problems we’ve got and it’s vital we get a parking plan or this is going to go on and on.”

County Coun Tim Ashton, cabinet member for highways and transport, wants to work with the campaigners.

He said: “There are two issues to deal with here, the obstruction of the pavement and the damage caused to it.

“If a pushchair, wheelchair or a shopper with two bags cannot get through a space on the pavement due to a driver’s parking, that is illegal and should be reported to the police immediately.

“The damage caused to the pavements is after years of heavy goods vehicles mounting the kerb, causing it to lower.

“It may take time but I’m more than happy to sit down with Coun Nash and work together to resolve the issues surrounding the road.”

At a recent PACT meeting it was revealed five more concrete planters will be strategically placed outside shops on the street. Campaigners also want to use parking space behind the Victoria Pub to ease parking for shoppers.

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