New look bus station confuses passengers

More work still needs to be done at Cleveleys Bus Station.
More work still needs to be done at Cleveleys Bus Station.
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FURTHER changes are set to be made to a Fylde coast bus station – where previous work has left passengers confused.

The remodelled Cleveleys Bus Station, on Rough Lea Road, has come under fire after some users said the new layout was baffling.

It was given a £130,000 overhaul by Wyre Council, with Lancashire County Council contributing £65,000 towards the work, after councillors were told the existing facilities were poorly lit and badly marked out.

But Stephen Brookes, chairman of the Blackpool Passenger Focus Panel, said: “Can anyone please try to explain what has gone so badly wrong with the redesign of Cleveleys bus station?

“For anyone to create a design which actually makes it difficult, and even unsafe, for certain types of service vehicles to use the station, and also create an environment which puts passengers at some risk when trying to get to buses, serious questions need to be asked.”

Bus passenger Mike Horgan, of New Road, Thornton, added: “I have just had my first experience of the new Cleveleys Bus Station. What a mess.

“The new signs inside give details that the various buses will depart from bays A,B,D,E,F, and G while the bays are marked out on the road as 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

“I was asked by visitors to the area where they should stand. Confused, I said stay here until the bus arrives.”

But Wyre Council insisted the bus station was not yet in operation.

A spokesman added: “Work is not complete at Cleveleys bus station and it is not yet operational.

“We are due to undertake some testing with Blackpool Transport which may result in further work being required.”

Bus operators said they were not going to use the overhauled bus station until changes were made.

Stagecoach director Les Burton said: “We are unhappy about some of the infrastructure. Until we get a proper risk assessment we are not going to use it.”

Blackpool Transport is also not yet using the new bus station.

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