Motorcyclist ‘lost his best mates’ in crash

The scene of the accident on Mythop Road at Marton.
The scene of the accident on Mythop Road at Marton.
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A motorcyclist has told a court he lost his “two best mates” in a crash after they had gone out on their bikes.

Daren Leslie said the memory of what took place was “horrible” and that one of his friends had earlier mentioned that his machine was not handling right.

Mr Leslie, 37, of Rectory Road, Marton, denies causing death by dangerous driving after his friend’s bike hit a tractor.

Motorcyclist Patrick Cresswell, 46, and his pillion passenger, mother-of-two Suzanne Smith, 25, both of Newhouse Road, Marton, died as a result of the incident on September 9, 2012.

Giving evidence at his Preston Crown Court trial, the defendant said he had “definitely not” been competing with his friend Mr Cresswell and neither had he been rushing at the time.

The trio had been out with another friend, travelling along A and B roads to Lancaster.

But two miles from Lancaster Mr Cresswell pulled up, got off his bike and said it wasn’t handling right, the court heard.

They then travelled back towards Blackpool through Weeton village and along Mythop Road, where, by Chain Lane, the tragic incident happened shortly before 4pm.

The defendant said Mr Cresswell was ahead of him as they passed Chain Lane.

He said: “Patrick has already gone over the brow.

“He is out of my sights. As I am coming up the brow I could see his helmet, Suzanne’s helmet. I could see the back of the bike.

“I could see the tractor. I have just seen the bike flip towards the tractor.”

He said was left feeling “terrible” about the incident.

Earlier in the hearing drivers told of the moments leading up to the crash.

The court heard how motorists travelling along Mythop Road heard “an almighty bang”.

Driver Adam Burns, who was travelling along Mythop Road from Weeton towards Blackpool when the incident happened, told the court he noticed the “standards” of the motorcyclists.

The 4x4 driver said: “One was very good and one was very poor.

“You could tell from the style of driving Bike A was confident and comfortable, but Bike B was the opposite.”

Bike A was a Suzuki ridden by Mr Leslie.

Bike B was a Honda driven by Mr Cresswell, carrying Ms Smith.

Paula Frost, a passenger in a Peugeot which pulled out of Chain Lane on to Mythop Road moments before the incident, said: “We heard an almighty bang.

“None of us wanted to see what had happened, we just knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.”


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