Mother’s fury after son struck by car

Headteacher at Unity Barbara Lund (far left), with Kadon Chapman's mum Leaann and other parents at the scene of the accident in which Kadon was struck by a car.
Headteacher at Unity Barbara Lund (far left), with Kadon Chapman's mum Leaann and other parents at the scene of the accident in which Kadon was struck by a car.
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A MUM today joined forces with a frustrated headteacher to demand action after seeing her seven-year-old hit by a car on his way to school.

Kadon Chapman escaped with just injuries to his face when he was struck by the car, rolled over the bonnet and ended up laying in the road on Devonshire Road yesterday morning.

Mum Leaann, who was walking Kadon to Unity College at 8.40am, described the moment her son cheated death - and backed calls for new traffic restrictions before a child is killed or seriously injured.

And Unity headteacher Barbara Lund said: “I have been campaigning for changes for almost three years ago and I have real concerns.

“Kadon’s family are very upset and distressed by what happened.

“I have written letters and emails to a number of people yet little has happened - I am frustrated of the lack of urgency on this.”

Mum Leaann said: “Don’t do something a few years down the line, do it now.

“I know it involves money being spent but this is our children’s security we’re talking about.

“Sometimes cars just don’t stop there so you have to risk it to cross the road.”

Kadon was on his way to school with Leaann when he was hit by a Toyota Yaris close to the Warbreck Hill Road roundabout - a few hundred yards from the school.

Leaann, of St Heliers Road, South Shore, said: “Kadon just ran without thinking, the car knocked him over and he landed on the ground.

“The thoughts going through my head were unreal because of the fact he was just lying there.

“I was distraught seeing him laid down on the ground when I couldn’t do anything.”

Several bystanders helped keep Kadon warm using their coats while awaiting paramedics, and he was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Sharon Swanok, 28, was walking to the school with her son Cory, eight, and gave first aid to Kadon.

She said: “He was very much in shock. There have been so many near misses I’m surprised this, and worse, hasn’t happened before.”

Sharon’s husband Anthony said: “Ever since I started taking my son to that school I could see it was a risk. The number of near misses I’ve seen in the time I’ve lived here is ridiculous.”

Mrs Lund added: “We have been campaigning ever since there has been a primary school on site and I have raised concerns about both Warbreck Hill Road and Devonshire Road. Another pupil of ours was injured in the same area last year - I don’t want to talking about a third.

“We have found it very hard to get all the agencies to understand how concerned we are. I have written asking how they are going to support the school. There needs to be more traffic calming because 30mph is just too much around there with so many children from a number of schools in the area.

“It seems drivers seem to get priority over pedestrians.”

Part of Devonshire Road was closed for a short time.

Coun Fred Jackson, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for streets and transport, said: “We, of course, wish the young man a speedy recovery. With regards to road safety near the school, we are happy to work closely with the school management to look at any issues they have.

“We work closely with all schools in delivering road safety educations lessons, as well as publicising speed campaigns widely.”

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