Maltese connection for resort car dealer

Andy Pickering fo the Pickering Motor Vehicle Company
Andy Pickering fo the Pickering Motor Vehicle Company
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A Blackpool motor dealer has found unexpected international success thanks to vehicles for disabled people.

Andy Pickering, of the Pickering Motor Vehicle Company based in the Peel Hall Business Village, started his firm after leaving the police in Manchester and moving to Lytham with his family.

He bought one specialist mobility vehicle with a wheelchair ramp in the back to test the water and it was snapped up so fast he has invested in 15 more this week.

He said: “I thought they might sell well in this area because of the high proportion of people who are retired but after I put them on the website, I have had requests from all over the country and beyond.

“I have sold one to a customer in Malta where it will be used as a taxi.

“People tell me these wheelchair accessible vehicles are really hard to come by. It has really taken off.

“They are light weight with a ramp for wheelchairs and the floors are all specially adapted and lowered with special anchor points for the chairs.

“If you were to get your own car adapted like that it would cost in the region on £12,000.

“This week I sold one to a customer in Dover , Chester, Scunthorpe, Wales and Buckinghamshire and another to Scotland where I am getting a lot of interest.

“I was always interested in cars even when I was in the police in Manchester. So after I left, I started off slowly with two or three and built up from there. Now we have 30 to 40 vehicles in the showroom.

“Now with the mobility cars taking off we will be looking for more staff.

“We will be looking for a full time valeter in the next few months.,” he said. “My intension is to double the size of my business by the end of summer, mainly in the expansion of the Wheelchair adapted vehicles.