Lucky escape in car terror

Robert Wynne with car involved in crash
Robert Wynne with car involved in crash
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A FORMER mayor today relived the terrifying moment a car went careering down a Blackpool road – narrowly missing his family – before crashing into a wall.

Robert Wynne, a Blackpool businessman who was the town’s Mayor in 2007, was involved in the frightening near miss as he walked home with his wife and two children on Lytham Road in South Shore on Saturday.

Police have confirmed the driver of the car was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving at the scene.

Mr Wynne, 56, said he was crossing Lytham Road at its junction with Squires Gate Lane when the Citroen Saxo came “hurtling” round the bend from the opposite direction – narrowly missing his children.

He was with wife Gaynor, 52, and children James, 23, and Anna, 21 – who were both visiting home from university at the weekend.

Seconds later the car hit a zebra crossing bollard before spinning and crashing into a wall outside South Shore Health Centre.

Mr Wynne said: “We had just left Gaynor’s mother, and as we crossed a car came hurtling round the bend and missed us by a couple of feet.

“I thought it was just some kid messing around but he completely lost control of it 50 yards down, span himself round and crashed.

“It was quite a nasty accident.

“We got to the car and these two kids were still in it, they were OK fortunately.

“It was a shock for me but it was more of a shock for my children because they were a yard or two ahead of us crossing the road.”

The crash happened just after 11.30pm on Saturday.

Police confirmed the driver of the Saxo was breathalised and then arrested at the scene.

A police spokesman said: “A 20-year-old man from Blackpool was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and has been reported for summons.”

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