Horror as bus runs over pet

Lynda Hale with daughter Emily McCarthy (12), Basset Hound Jeffrey and St Bernard Holly. Below: Otto.
Lynda Hale with daughter Emily McCarthy (12), Basset Hound Jeffrey and St Bernard Holly. Below: Otto.
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A distraught mother today told of her upset after seeing her beloved pet dog run over by a bus.

Lynda Hale, from Hastings Avenue, Bispham, says she has struggled to sleep since witnessing the incident in which her 17-month-old wire-haired dachshund Otto died.



Miss Hale was walking Otto, who was not on a lead, along Kincraig Avenue, by Bispham duck pond, when he trotted on to the road after spotting another dog on the opposite path.

She claims the Blackpool Transport bus driver slowed to a stop after noticing Otto, but then continued forward before the dog had moved out of the way.

Miss Hale said: “It was totally out of character when he went to the road edge.

“The driver just started to drive off and Otto went straight under his wheels.

“I picked him up and wrapped him in my coat to put him on the grass verge, but it was too late – he was already gone.”

Miss Hale says her daughter Emily, 12, has been deeply affected by Otto’s death.

And she says her two other dogs – 10-year-old St Bernard Holly and 15-month-old basset hound Jeffrey – have also been badly affected.

She said: “Emily cried herself to sleep the night after it happened, even her friends were so upset.

“Jeffrey and Otto were best pals and I don’t know what to do with him because he’s just moping round the house now.

“I’m going to have to go to the doctors because I can’t sleep.”

Blackpool Transport has launched an investigation into the incident.


Blackpool Transport’s response

Trevor Roberts, managing director of Blackpool Transport, said the company is currently looking into the incident.

He said: “From an internal point of view we will be conducting an investigation into this so we can work out exactly what did happen.

“We will be investigating all the circumstances and hopefully we’ll be able to pull the exact facts together.”

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