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Blackpool North station and (below) Paul Nettleton of Fylde Coast Rail Users.
Blackpool North station and (below) Paul Nettleton of Fylde Coast Rail Users.
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A RAILWAYS campaigner claims people will stop using trains on the Fylde coast if fares continue to rise.

A new Government policy means train operating companies (TOCs) are able to increase their fares by three per cent for peak time tickets and season cards.

Paul Nettleton of Fylde Coast Rail Users.

Paul Nettleton of Fylde Coast Rail Users.

TOCs will also be given the power to increase some tickets by up to 11 per cent for train travel from January 2013.

Under the new prices, a single ticket from Blackpool to London will rise from £78.30 to £86.91.

And Paul Nettleton, of Fylde Coast Rail Users, slammed the announcement.

He said: “We are being hit with rises and they are a lot more than what it was this time last year.

“Until electrification arrives for the Blackpool North line nothing will change.

“There’s an alternative to travelling by train and I think rail companies need to realise that. The situation is not improving and you can only push so many people before they snap.”

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Mr Nettleton is now calling on the Government to stop piling the pressure on passengers who foot the bill every time fares go up.

He added: “We are getting to a point where passengers are becoming hacked off when they have to pay more and some of this should be taken on by the taxpayer.

“The fare structure needs to be looked at otherwise we’ll have empty trains running up and down the country.”

A spokesman for Northern Rail, which runs regular services out of Blackpool North station, said the operator wanted to keep fares low.

She added: “We know these are difficult financial times, which is why we will continue to work with the Government and the wider rail industry to drive down the cost of running the railway to provide better long-term value.”

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