Driver’s joy as ‘unjust’ fine reversed

Barry Stoll has won a tribunal against Blackpool Council after being given a parking ticket.
Barry Stoll has won a tribunal against Blackpool Council after being given a parking ticket.
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A motorist is celebrating after having the “totally unjust” parking fine reversed.

As reported in The Gazette in February, Barry Stoll, from Marton, was given a £135 fine by Blackpool Council after he parked in a side street while taking his partner to an emergency hospital appointment.

Now he says he is delighted after having won his case at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, in Manchester – a decision which was unsuccessfully appealed by the council.

Mr Stoll, 45, said: “I’ve gone from being dignified in victory to wanting the whole of Blackpool to know about it.

“It’s taken so long to clear my name for what happened.

“We’ve had lots of aggravation and stress, I feel delighted because I feel exonerated.”

Mr Stoll was unable to find a suitable parking space at the Whitegate Drive health centre when his partner Lynn Johnson, 58, was suffering with severe breathing difficulties, so he parked in a residents’ only bay in nearby Cumberland Avenue.

Despite offering medical evidence and a doctor’s note to Blackpool Council he was told he must pay a £35 fine, which ballooned to £135 after his refusal to pay up.

He added: “I feel that my partner’s condition was dismissed as a non-emergency and was trivialised, it was totally unjust.

“It’s a positive outcome for us but the council showed a dismissiveness about the situation, they’ve shown complete contempt for us.

“They knew they were clearly in the wrong.”

Town Hall ‘accepts final decision’ of tribunal

Blackpool Council says it accepts the tribunal’s final decision.

A spokesman said: “We are aware that the parking tribunal has found in Mr Stoll’s favour and we accept their final decision on the matter.

“The decision was made on individual circumstances after a one off event.

“It will not set a precedent for other people who illegally park in residents’ parking zones.”

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