Crossing squad fight for a road ‘lifesaver’

Children of Weeton at Mythop Road
Children of Weeton at Mythop Road
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A group of parents are 
petitioning for a crossing on a busy village road they have dubbed an “accident waiting to happen.”

Residents in Weeton say Mythop Road is a danger spot, where drivers rarely stick to the 30mph speed limit.

The community group Weeton Lifesavers has been set up to campaign for a crossing on the road.

Its chairman Jackie Irving said: “The amount of traffic flowing through the village has increased and the drivers are breaking the speed limit.

“It’s getting to be a hazard – an accident waiting to happen.”

Miss Irving has presented the petition, boasting 115 signatures, to Weeton Parish council. Coun John Singleton, who sits on the parish council and represents Weeton at Fylde Council, said: “I am supporting this petition and have put a request for a 20mph zone through the village on the next Fylde Traffic Liaison meeting.”

Miss Irving added: “What we are doing is for the future of Weeton village – for the next generation as well as this one.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, public realm manager for the Fylde at Lancashire County Council, said: “We have agreed to carry out more detailed investigation of the area to determine the level of need and to look at what type of crossing would be most appropriate for this location.”