Camera bid to halt speeders

Midgeland Road in Blackpool and (below) Coun Peter Evans.
Midgeland Road in Blackpool and (below) Coun Peter Evans.
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Residents on a quiet street being blighted by heavy traffic and speeding motorists have welcomed the setting up of a new police camera.

People living on Midgeland Road, Marton, say their houses are often left shaking when large lorries or cars breaking the 30mph limit pass by.

Coun Peter Evans

Coun Peter Evans

Now a new mobile speed camera has been set up to combat the problems on the road, which has become a popular diversion between Blackpool and Lytham while roadworks take place on the nearby Moss Road.

Midgeland Road resident Paul Priestley, 53, said: “You can tell if certain cars are doing over 30 because the house shakes, it’s that bad.

“We get a lot of lorries coming along here and that doesn’t help, but the police can’t be here all the time – that’s the trouble.

“It’s unbelievable really.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, added: “I’m bothered by the heavy traffic because my house is near the road and when something goes by quite fast I can hear it.

“When the speed trap’s not there this is one of the places that people put their foot down.”

Coun Peter Evans represents Stanley ward on Blackpool Council, which covers Midgeland Road.

He said: “They’ve been down there with a speed gun and picked up a few people for speeding, but it is an ongoing situation.

“It is something we’re looking at and working on.”

Acting Sergeant Adam Lloyd, from Lancashire Police, said the new camera has been put in place following a number of concerns raised by neighbours

He added: “Strong concerns have been raised by local residents that since the closure of Moss Road, there has been an increase in traffic using Midgeland Road and that people are driving too quickly and so the camera has been set up in response to these


“The equipment is there to support the needs of the community and is there to help reduce road casualties and ultimately potentially save lives.”

It was announced in August that the Moss Road, which links Marton Moss with Ansdell and Lytham, would be closed for six months while repair work takes place.

It was closed after highways workers discovered that it had deteriorated badly and was in need of repair.

Thousands of motorists used the route – the single track Wild Lane and North Houses Lane, known locally as The Moss – every day.

It was closed after council workers inspected the site following calls from police and found what were described as worrying defects. It could be closed until next February.

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