Bradley’s got his eyes on skies at airport

Bradley Gosney, 15, in the cockpit
Bradley Gosney, 15, in the cockpit
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A young air enthusiast is hoping to lift the lid on what goes on behind the scenes at Blackpool Airport with a documentary film.

Bradley Gosney, 15, who is training to be a pilot, is set to film at Squires Gate with the help of schoolmates and hopes to showcase what the Airport has to offer.

The Highfield Humanities College student said he was hoping his film could publicise the Airport and the people who work there in the hope it might encourage a return of big airlines which have been absent since its closure in October last year.

He said: “Flying is something I have always been interested in.

“I have been learning to fly properly since February last year but I had my first trial lessons when I was eight.

“I am doing my private pilot’s licence at Westair flying Cesna 150 and 152s and I want to be an airline pilot.

“Because the Airport closed down I wanted to do something to show everyone out there what goes on there and I hope that in the future some of the big airlines will come back to Blackpool.

“I thought the more people that know about it the better so I will be putting up my documentary online.

“I want to look at the work people do there, the air traffic control people and the fire department which is currently operating at category two because there are no commercial airlines operating there at the moment.

“I will also be interviewing the Save Blackpool Airport people to get their opinions on everything that is going on there.

“I have a YouTube channel with my friend Adam Warrington who will be the sound recordist and will get help form Coby Cope and Jake Meakin for the documentary.

“One of the teachers at college has helped with the film equipment.”

He has already posted several photographs and short films of his flying using a camera with a suction cup on the windscreen of his aircrafton his youtube site

The Starr Gate student said he aims to go to Leeds Aviation Academy based at Leeds/Bradford Airport to train to be a pilot.

He added: “I love flying. It is quite difficult, at the moment at Blackpool I am studying my air law and navigation for the exams.

“I hope to be able to fly solo when I am 16 and then get my full licence when I am 17.”

His mum Caroline Phillips said: “He has always been interested in flying and we got him a few trial lessons when he was just eight.

“It is not the cheapest hobby anyone could have but we are supporting him all the way and you can’t fault him for enthusiasm. His documentary is a great idea and he and his friends are very keen.”