Aircraft involved in runway incident over 20 years ago

Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man
Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man
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The aircraft involved in the horror crash in Caernarfon had been involved in another runway incident more than 20 years ago.

In October 1991 the Piper Cherokee, PA28-140, was landing at Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man, in moderate winds when it swung to the left and slid sideways.

The pilot reported the plane came to a halt facing back up the runway, causing some damage to the right main landing gear.

But pilots have described the aircraft, which was manufactured in 1966, as an “impeccable” and “stable” machine.

It was one of 15 aircraft available to rent from Fly Blackpool, based at Blackpool Airport, costing £145 per hour.

Paul Wane, operations manager at Fly Blackpool, said: “The aircraft was impeccable in the hangar on Saturday.”

Private pilot Simon Macpherson, from Blackpool, described the plane as a “basic” and “stable” aircraft.

He said: “I flew that plane a long time ago. It’s a good, stable aircraft to fly – not a complicated plane.

“You’ve got to do 45 hours flying before you’re allowed in one like that.

“I’ve done that route many a time, sometimes the approach can be quite tricky.

“There’s a caravan site nearby and you get thermals from the caravans sometimes but I was taught if you’re
 approach isn’t right you just go around and set yourself up again.”

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