Tragic nurse’s diary read out at event held to launch anti-stalking campaign

Jane Clough and her family
Jane Clough and her family
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The diary of murdered Blackpool nurse Jane Clough was read out at the launch of a new anti-stalking and harassment campaign.

Penny Clough, whose 26-year-old daughter was murdered by her partner outside Blackpool Victoria Hospital in 2010, read from the diary at the launch of the Fylde Coast Women’s Aid (FCWA)’s new event at the Hilton Hotel.

Penny, from Barrowford, said she went as both a mum and a justice campaigner.

She said: “I used Jane’s words from her diary, stating her fear that [her partner and killer] Jonathan Vass had been let out of jail. When Jane reported him to police I thought she would be safe.

“We breathed a huge sigh of relief but we could not have been more wrong.

“Jane was put in serious danger because Vass was let out on bail and he knew she would try to get him convicted.”

Vass stabbed Jane to death after being arrested for her rape but was then bailed.

Penny said: “It blew away our conception of the justice system. We never thought she would be in more danger for doing the right thing.”

The 56-year-old, who said she has a close affiliation with Blackpool ‘because Jane worked there and died there’, added: “Jane was not a one off. There are thousands out there at risk from perpetrators of domestic abuse.

“We have to be there to help them.

“Going through the process and giving abusers a slap on the wrist is not good enough.

“There has to be repercussions for abusers and not the victims.”

Two sessions were held to launch FCWA’s project, at 1.45pm and 5.30pm yesterday.

A hard-hitting 30 minute theatre production exploring the issues surrounding domestic abuse and violence was also performed.

A spokesman for FCWA said: “We have long since recognised that stalking and harassment feature heavily in the abuse our clients experience and, until now, we have been unable to provide specific specialist services to them.

“We have secured three years’ funding to provide a project supporting victims of stalking and harassment across the Fylde coast.

“It will not only support victims of domestic abuse but also those who have not been in an intimate relationship.”