Tragic dog owner’s plea over pet chips

Happier times: Catherine's daughter Catalina Calle-Calatayud with her dog Blade
Happier times: Catherine's daughter Catalina Calle-Calatayud with her dog Blade
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A woman whose dog ran off on his usual walk and was later found dead on a railway line is encouraging animal lovers to join the ‘Vet’s Get Scanning’ campaign.

Catherine Calle-Calatayud was exercising her two dogs when miniature Jack Russell Blade lost sight of his brother Axel during their regular walk in Stanley Park.

Despite searching for more than five hours, Blade wasn’t found and she was forced to put up thousands of posters of her beloved dog in the hope someone had seen him.

Sadly, Blade’s body was later found by a railway worker walking the line close to Carleton Crossing, Poulton.

Catherine, of Appleby Road, Blackpool, said: “We lost Blade on September 21 and I know I’m not the only person in this plight.

“I’m a responsible dog owner and have lost a much-loved pet.

“I did everything to keep my dog safe, including getting him microchipped.

“Having been through this experience I’m calling for people to understand that if they find an animal, alive or dead, they can phone the local council and speak to the animal wardens who can come and scan them.

“It’s really important for people to find out what has happened to their pet when they go missing.”

New laws mean that from April 2016 owners must get their dog microchipped- which involves a chip the size of a grain of rice which hold’s the owners contact details - being inserted into the dog,

The Vet’s Get Scanning campaign has launched an e-gov petition backed by entertainer Bruce Forsyth, to spread the message that scanning lost and dead animals is vital.

Catherine said: “If it’s going to be the law, then surely people need to be more aware of how to get a dog scanned.”

In addition to calls for vets, dogs homes and wardens to routinely scan every dog that comes through their care, highway agencies and Network Rail are being asked to scan injured and deceased animals.

To sign the petition go to