‘What should we ban next?’ - Call to ban parents from idling their cars at schools

Parents should be banned from idling their cars near schools to help cut premature deaths, according to health experts.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 8:14 am
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 8:33 am
Call to ban parents from idling their cars at schools

Banning drivers from running their car engines while waiting to pick up their children is among a series of measures being put forward as a means to cut air pollution and reduce its associated impact on public health.

Promoting car sharing and high-occupancy lanes, introducing more low-emission zones and creating priority parking for low-emissions vehicles are among other proposals being put forward by Public Health England.

We asked you for your views and here are a selection from our Facebook page:

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Call to ban parents from idling their cars at schools

Then supply buses for children to go to school for free.Marie Jo

Those come in electric too, Marie.Craig Robinson

Ooooo what should we ban next?Nicola Telford

Biggest issue is parking on paths causing kids to have to walk on the road to get round them.Mark Denison

I would park outside school as well to watch my child go in.. they are not safe waking to school nowadays cause there are predators waiting for themKelly Farish

We live next to a high school where parents park on the pavement with their car engines idling and sometimes ‘music’ blasting out.... Something should be done about it but who is going to enforce the rules???Trish Barker

Exactly.. who is going to enforce it.. drivers aren’t supposed to sit with their engines idling anyway, anywhere and nobody enforces that.Angela Murphy

Walk.Fatima Hussein

Years ago, no-one would have even considered taking their children to school in the car. They walked, you walked with them, or they got on a bus if they were a bit older. It seems to me that we all worry to much about something that is unlikely to happen and then set bad habits which are going to pursue children into adulthood...ie use the car when you could easily walk a journey of around one mile.Helen Dempster

Or the Government could just stop calling for bans to stop us from choosing how we live our lives?Andrew Goodman