Terrifying footage shows flights forced to abort landing at Manchester Airport due to high-speed gales

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Dramatic footage shows the moment highly-skilled pilots abort landings at Manchester Airport due to the high-speed crosswinds at the weekend.

The 10 minute long video captured by Aviation Upclose shows several planes attempting to come into land at the airport.

PIC: Aviation Upclose

PIC: Aviation Upclose

The planes can be seen rocking from side to side due to the high-speed gales as the aircrafts descend towards the runway at Manchester Airport, before re-adjusting in the last few moments before touch-down.

They then climb higher in order to attempt the landings again.

The skilled and highly-trained pilots have to make a decision as they descend towards ground level and as this footage shows, some opt for heading back up and trying again.

Aviation Upclose say of the video: "An extremely windy day for much of the UK, with winds exceeding 60mph in some places, MAN was subject to wind from the North West reaching peak gusts of 38 knots.

"The direction meant that aircraft landing on 23R were faced with a 90 crosswind and sometimes a tailwind.

"Some extremely bumpy approaches and landings with multiple aborted landings from a variety of aircraft."