Our readers have their say after Northern cancel trains to their own sponsored Blackpool Airshow

Northern Rail
Northern Rail
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Northern rail cancelled so many services this weekend, many passengers could not get to Blackpool Airshow - which was being sponsored by Northern Rail.

The latest disruption comes after months of terrible service, cancelled trains and missing drivers.

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Craig Harrop, Northern’s Interim Regional Director (West Region) said earlier this year when announcing the firm’s Airshow sponsorship he looked forward to being ‘the main transport provider for the event’.

Needless to say, our story got your faces redder than a Red Arrow. Here's a selection of comments:

The rail network is so unreliable now, that using public transport is no longer an option. Northern should loose its license, the directors and senior managers should all be fired, and get people in that can actually do the job.

George Gauld

This is what happens when you pay your drivers only a little more than what a bus driver gets, and the Conducters are on NMW no wonder no-one wants to work for you!

Mike Bell

Why is it that I feel Northen Fail #arriva are hoping for government measures to be brought in? By continuing to fail so magnificently, the government may have no choice than to implement (this has happened to other railways) measures that would see Arriva' initial financial investment protected (they won't have broken their contract), but then the government take over the day to day running of the service? Something to ponder....

Karen Jackson

No surprises- Northern Rail-100% unreliable. They cancelled our train to the airport two weeks ago. Left us stranded with flights to catch. Rang them for help and even their own customer services hadn’t got a clue.

Karen Grimmett

Northern Rail need to have their contract terminated and get another company in. Disgusting

David Scarfe

Even the trains they do run are sheds that stink like they’ve just come from the cattle market and that’s when you aren’t crammed into two carriages like sardines - disgraceful company

Jamie White

This is an absolute disgrace. They sponsor the air show, then cancel the trains to get people there. In the Blackpool area Blackpool Transport will be loving this....They will have a very profitable year, as at least half of the cancelled trains have been replaced by their buses......

Chris Richardson

Keith Curtis It was no different back in the 60's as it is today, go slows, strikes, overcrowding, standing most of time, some disgusting smells our infrastructure has never kept up with demand we're an overcrowded island and when HS1 and now HS2 proposed there was uproar because the countryside would be transformed - for the good or bad - there is and never has been a quick fix but to go back to National Railways owned by the tax payer would be too costly to reverse so we are lumbered with what we've got albeit shambolic and costly, whichever mode of transport we choose to get from A to B has its problems and we all moan regardless there is no easy solution as we all want to get there quickly and in comfort for minimal cost and inconvenience to ourselves - theres no quick fix for this as time has proven so we accept it and continue to moan

Keith Curtis

I was lucky to get to Blackpool by Northern trains, but coming home they had cancelled the 16.41 train and then when the next available train came at 17.34 they then had no driver, u cudnt write it. Well done Northern, utter disgrace!

Stephen Smith

One word for northern rail -EMBARRASSING

Martin Beach

But they have got a lovely stand on the prom handing out free cardboard binoculars

Wendy Norman