Man '˜put life at risk' to swan dive into water off sea wall

A man who put his life at risk by continuing to swan dive in the water from the sea wall, despite being urged not to, has been described as '˜foolhardy'.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th May 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:12 pm
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Coastguard workers from both Fleetwood and Lytham were called to the Promenade, close to the old Bispham Baths, following a 999 call about a ‘person in the water’ at around 2.45pm on Saturday.

They arrived just after Blackpool’s beach patrol to find the middle-aged man ‘jumping from the top of the sea wall, scrambling back up the steep slope, and jumping in again’.

It is thought he was drunk, and told his would-be rescuers the water was deep enough ‘as long as he dove at least 12 feet out’.

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A Coastguard spokesman said: “Due to the design of the sea wall in this area, this person was putting himself at severe risk, as the base of the wall slopes out, is extremely slippery, and is considered an extremely dangerous area all year.

“Despite repeated warnings that he was putting his life at risk, the person jumped in a further three times before accepting the fact that it was a foolhardy action to continue.

“We know it’s hot and sunny and we know it’s fun to have a dip in the sea – especially if you’ve had one or two cheeky lemonades – but jumping into water from a height of over 10m, into waves that reduce the depth of water, could cause injury of even worse, and then it’s not much fun for those who have to pick up the pieces.”

Emergency service workers were stood down as the man made his way home, wearing a foil blanket as a cape. 300 people died in the water in the UK last year.