M6 delays after cattle wander "dangerously close to the carriageway" for a second time

Police corralled the animal back into their field.
Police corralled the animal back into their field.
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Cows have caused congestion on the M6 once again after wandering "dangerously close to the carriageway".

Police tweeted an apology to drivers who had been held up at junction 23 of the M6 after three cows had to be guided back to their field.

It comes after a similar incident on the same stretch of carriageway on Friday, July 19.

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In the tweet, officers said: "Sorry for delays earlier on M6 J32-33 as this beauty and two mates believed the grass was greener on the other side coming dangerously close to the carriageway.

"#T3TacOps officers improvised, adapted and overcame the issue safely guiding them back to the field."