Long lost buses to return to Knott End

Blackpool Transport Palladium bus
Blackpool Transport Palladium bus
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After years of turmoil, bus users in Knott End will once again be able to travel in style, as a state-0f-the art service is all set to begin this summer.

Blackpool Transport announced its plans to replace its Knott End service with new Palladium buses in July last year.

The buses will take over the route, via Poulton, in June and will run until November and possibly beyond, depending on whether it proves financially viable.

Blackpool Transport cut its 2C service on Sundays three years ago after losing its subsidity with Lancashire County Council for the route, which affected public transport users living between Poulton and Knott End.

Fleetwood MP Cat Smith, who campaigned for Sunday buses to be reinstated in the area, said the new service will begin on June 23 and will run hourly, with the first bus leaving Knott End at 9.30am and the last one leaving at 6.30pm.

She said: “The service will return on the basis of ‘use it or lose it’ so we all need take advantage of this service, ditch the car and make the most of a relaxing journey between here and the tourism capital of the country, stopping of course via the hospital.”

Jane Cole, of Blackpool Transport, said: “We are putting it back on to give people the opportunity to start using the bus again, because Kntot End and Over Wyre is a good place to be during the summer months.

“Cat and I are going to be working very closely together to encourage people to migrate to the buses and keep that service going.”