'It's all down to sheer laziness' - Your opinions on parking chaos outside Stanley School in Blackpool

Blackpool Council has drafted in civil enforcement officers to patrol outside Stanley Primary School on Wordsworth Avenue, Marton due to ‘illegal and inconsiderate’ parking at school drop-off and pick-up times.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 5:00 pm

The officers are following complaints from the school as well Blackpool Transport and the council says the officers will ‘not hesitate’ to fine parents for their bad parking.

It follows reports of a number of cars being left on Wordsworth Avenue as well as nearby Knutsford Road and Kipling Drive.

The result has meant buses have struggled to get past when parents have been waiting to pick up their children.

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A Blackpool Transport bus struggles to get round the corner
A Blackpool Transport bus struggles to get round the corner

Here are the views of Gazette readers:

"Pure laziness on the part of the parents. Quite often I see them in their Chelsea Tractors parking on the Zig Zags. They may only be there for a few seconds, but they shouldn’t stop at all in this area."

Stephen Cheatley

"So many parents have no thought apart from making it as easy as possible to drop kids off at school, no consideration for others. If only council’s had enough staff to be out there and fine them all!"

Dean Snee

"People don’t realise how rude the residents are! This makes the situation worse! I’ve been sworn at while I had my child with me and I ignored it, and I was not parked illegally at the time either! The bus is far too big for the corner regardless if cars are there or not! Most isn’t double yellow so is legal to park! We are not all lazy as most of these comments suggest!"

Magz McDermid

"That corner is way to small for buses. I witnessed an incident there years ago and put in my statement buses should not be using that route."

Sherry Hogarth

"It’s all down to sheer laziness,can’t walk a few hundred metres. Same at Baines Endowed on Penrose Ave."

John Warren

"This is where someone went into the side of my car on this corner it’s ridiculous ......they should get fined heavy too. My car’s a mess because of that corner."

Samantha Payne

"Get the tickets issued. Make a fortune outside Stanley School."

Mark David Cook

"It was the same 30 years ago when my children were there. Parking tickets were issued on a daily basis."

Dianne Leyland

"Try working with parents parking etc come up with something better and safer instead of just threatening fines all the time typical council."

Neil Martin

"Common sense is needed and unfortunately lots don’t have it."

Tracy Jane Manton

"There are a couple of cars that park that far onto the pavement on the yellow lines that I and others cannot get past with a pram which results in us trying to manoeuvre around it, onto the busy road with a pram and child in tow! It really really winds me up."

Gemma Lofthouse