Hours after Fylde road is newly resurfaced it's dug up again

United Utilities dug up part of the A588 in Hambleton - less than 24 hours after it had been resurfaced as part of a 217,000 scheme by Lancashire County Council
United Utilities dug up part of the A588 in Hambleton - less than 24 hours after it had been resurfaced as part of a 217,000 scheme by Lancashire County Council
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Part of one of the Fylde coast’s most dangerous roads has recently been resurfaced costing more than £200,000.

Lancashire County Council invested the cash into the A588 from the Shard Bridge near Skippool to Stalmine following years of potholes and bumps.

But following the completion of the work on Tuesday less than 24 hours later, water company United Utilities had dug part of the road up to fit a new water connection.

Carr Lane resident Douglas Smith, 60, lives opposite where the road was broken up for the second time in days.

He said it was ‘unbelievable’ the water company had been given the go ahead to drill into the new asphalt.

Douglas added: “We have waited years to get the road resurfaced and we were all happy when they finally started on the work.

“It has been resurfaced from the bridge over the river Wyre right through to Stalmine and what a great job they have done of it.

“However 18 hours later I come home and I cannot believe United Utilities have dug a huge great big hole in the new surface to connect a new house with water. You honestly couldn’t make this stuff up.

“The bloke who owns the house apparently had informed United Utilities a few weeks ago that the road was to be resurfaced and requested that the job was done before the work was started on the road but for some reason United Utilities decided to wait until the road is resurfaced and the next day they dig it up.

“It’s unforgivable and all this has been done at possibly the most dangerous section of the A588, a road that has been described as one of the most dangerous roads in the country, where seven lives have been lost since I moved her 25 years ago.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council (LCC) advised the budget for the scheme was ‘around £217,000’ and said it makes it one of the ‘most significant schemes’ the council is doing this year.

The council admitted it does not know when a maintenance scheme on this scale was last carried out as it would have been a number of years ago.

The spokesman added: “Wherever possible we take account of utility works when planning our maintenance, however the request to carry out a new water connection only came in this week after the surface dressing was completed last week.

“We always take advantage of regulations in place to prevent utility companies carrying out planned works for at least six months after we have made structural improvements to a road such as resurfacing or reconstruction.

“However these regulations do not apply to surface dressing, the type of treatment recently carried out on Carr Lane, which is a cost-effective way of preventing potholes forming by waterproofing the surface to extend its lifespan.

“We carry out sample checks to ensure utility companies have repaired the road properly when they’ve finished and will be checking this location.”

Douglas refutes LCC’s claim about the work being carried out a week prior.

He added: “They completed the work on Tuesday just before 6pm and the road was immaculate.

“Around 18 hours later at lunchtime on Wednesday, United Utilities turn up in their vans and start drilling and breaking up the road so I consider LCC’s statement about the surface dressing being completed last week as as simply false.”

United Utilities dug up part of the A588 in Hambleton- less than 24 hours after it has been resurfaced as part of a £217,000 scheme by Lancashire County Council


A spokesman for United Utilities said they contacted Lancashire County Council in June to apply for a permit to carry out the connection work.

The spokesman for the water company added: “This was granted, and the Council confirmed the work was fine to go ahead.

“When we have completed the connection, the section of road we have worked on will be reinstated to good order.”