Future of taxi rank created last year thrown into doubt following complaints

taxi rank
taxi rank
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A taxi rank introduced last year in a bid to combat traffic congestion in Lytham could be moved, plans have revealed.

The rank was created in Henry Street and Dicconson Terrace because taxi drivers were double-parking, the council said.

But its future has been called into question following complaints from drivers and a nearby resident.

“The resident complains the vehicles are now parked outside her property late at night, causing nuisance and annoyance and affecting her quality of life,” Fylde Council papers show.

“The Hackney carriage drivers complain the stand is frequently obstructed by private motorists, and that the drivers are being verbally abused and threatened when they point out to motorists they are parked on a stand.”

Several tickets have been handed out by traffic wardens, the council said, although it admits the rank’s design is ‘not helpful in clearly identifying it as a taxi rank’.

Councillors will vote to either leave the rank where it is and encourage people not to park there on an evening, or consult on moving the rank to the north side of Dicconson Terrace.