'Don’t speed. It’s simple enough' - Here's what you had to say after Lancashire Police force revealed how fast you have to be going to set off a speed camera

Police forces have revealed how fast you need to be travelling in order to set off a speed camera.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 8:43 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 9:50 am
Cameras only trigger above a certain speed

An new study, which saw all forces asked the same question, revealed Lancashire is actually more generous than most when it comes to letting speeding drivers off.

The majority of forces who responded said their cameras are triggered when a vehicle is travelling 10 per cent over the limit plus 2mph. So that would mean 35mph in a 30mph zone.

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Cameras only trigger above a certain speed

Lancashire Police said the threshold was to ensure greater tolerance or discretion.

And here’s what readers had to say about it all.

So why is the speed limit 30 and not 35? The police are stating the speed limit is 30 but you can exceed it because we won’t do anything about it?

The speed limit shouldn’t be subject to opinion. If you were caught doing 36 in a 30 couldn’t you just say well my car must have been under reading?

Adam James Carrie

Do more than 30, you should be fined. End of. :) . Cameras should be set at 31.

Paul Rogers

Don’t speed... simple enough.

Stephen Ramsden

This isn’t about tolerance, it’s about camera calibration. If your speed camera instrument is only accurate to say +/-10 per cent then you have to set the trigger above that to avoid false triggers below an actual 30mph.

Kevin Bamber

Speedos in cars set by the manufacturer to slightly over-read because it is against the law to under-read so the speedo in your car will always be slightly over than what a sat Nav reads, fact.

Derek Faulkner

There has to be an allowance for the device to under perform. A leeway allows the drivers caught to go to court with confidence that the only way for them to have been speeding is to exceed the margin. This keeps court costs down.

Janna Banks

My sat nav will show me driving at 30, but my speedometer will show 32-33.

Maureen Duffy

The one on Marton Drive appears to have gone too!

Bruce Cameron

Or maybe that’s what they want you to think so they capture more people on camera. Maybe just do the actual speed limit to be safe.

Kate Males

Good stuff. Glad the police are factoring in mechanical and human error.

Lee Holding

A friend of mine got done a few years ago in North Wales 31 in a 30.

Eric Lawrance

That’s rubbish I got caught doing 33 by one of these and fined

Chloe Latham

There is always the chance that you could be just over the limit and then you get caught - but to be honest, if you are cautious and drive within the speed limits, that’s the best way to avoid a fine!

Helen Dempster