Delays after broken motor at Carleton crossing leaves barrier stuck in 'down' position

Carleton crossing
Carleton crossing
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A broken motor at Carleton crossing left barriers stuck in the down position, Network Rail said.

The problem was reported to the firm shortly before 7am today, and engineers have since visited to replace the defective motor, a spokesman said.

Repairs were done and the barriers successfully tested by 8.20am, he said.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience caused," he added.

The crossing, in Blackpool Road, sits between the Layton and Poulton train stations.

Until the recent electrification work, it was controlled from a nearby signal box, but is now controlled from Manchester.

Motorists were unable to use the crossing while the barriers were stuck down, but trains ran through - though at a lower speed than usual, Network Rail said.

Blackpool Transport said its number 14 bus service was diverted.

Earlier this year, rail chiefs employed staff to sit in a van 24/7 to help operate the barriers at the crossing because CCTV was not working properly.

The workers were tasked with monitoring the crossing to make sure it was clear, before contacting train drivers to tell them it's okay to proceed.

They were there for up to eight hours at a time - and had to pop to the loo in a utility van 50 yards down the road.

Kim Harrison, of Kim Harrison Hair Design on Blackpool Old Road, near the crossing, said in June: "It’s a bit scary when you think about it.

"I don’t know why we got rid of the signal box. It was an iconic railway box. We were so upset to see it go."

The old signal box was closed in November to make way for the new electrified railway between Blackpool and Preston.