Cabbies 'sick' of resort roadworks

Steve Buckley
Steve Buckley
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Taxi drivers have said they are sick of the stoppages in Blackpool town centre

For veteran taxi driver Steve Buckley, 55, (inset), who has been in the job for 34 years, it is the worst he has known it for stoppages on the roads. In fact, self-employed Steve says he has had to stop driving through the week and only gets in his cab at weekends.

He said: “I’m sick of it, to be honest. It is worse than at any other time, even back in the ‘90s when the Prom was one-way for the Illuminations.

“That’s why I’ve had to pack it in during the week. The stopping and starting is horrendous. I’ve had to get another job in the week putting up conservatories.

“By closing Talbot and Dickson Roads,it’s been a nightmare, but things will only get worse when they have finished and the trams are coming down Talbot Road because they will have priority.

“And the emissions are worse because of all the delays too.”

The grim statistics did not shock Dee Grant, director of Blackpool taxi firm, C Cabs, either. She said: “Things have got a lot worse in the last couple of years. It’s been one thing after another.

“It’s very frustrating to us and particularly for our customers, because it takes longer to get to where they need to go. Unfortunately, I can’t see things getting any better either.”