Blackpool landau driver warned over near miss

Licensing cases were heard at the Town Hall
Licensing cases were heard at the Town Hall
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A Blackpool landau driver has received a warning from the council after he drove his carriage through a red light and almost collided with a pedestrian.

The operator, who has not been named, was hauled before a meeting of Blackpool Council's public protection sub-committee following the incident last year and faced losing his licence.

The near-miss happened on October 7 on the Promenade near the junction with Waterloo Road, South Shore, while the driver was working.

Councillors agreed not to revoke the driver's licence after hearing he had previously held an unblemished record.

The driver, who appeared in person before the sub-committee which considered the issue behind closed doors, said he had made an error of judgement but it was not always possible to stop a horse drawn vehicle as quickly as a car.

The man was sent a letter warning him if he was involved in a similar incident in future he could lose his licence or have it suspended.

Minutes from the meeting of the public protection sub-committee say councillors "considered the incident very seriously" and that on the day, the operator's "driving had fallen well below the expected standards of a licensed driver."

At the same meeting, held on December 4 last year, councillors also refused to grant a taxi licence to an applicant with convictions for drink driving and violence.

The sub-committee heard the driving ban ended less than five years ago, while the man had been convicted of more than two violent offences in the last 10 years.

The applicant, who is also unnamed, told the meeting the incidents had happened when he had problems with alcohol which he had now overcome.

But the application was refused due to the nature and volume of the offences and that they had happened recently.