Blackpool congestion: The roads to avoid, when they are closed and when the roadworks are likely to finish

Yeadon Way is closed
Yeadon Way is closed
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Commuters suffered severe delays due to numerous road closures and roadworks across Blackpool yesterday, here is a list of the roads affected.

Talbot Road

Due to tramway roadworks, it will be shut from The Strand to Abingdon Street until December 14, and from Abingdon Street to Dickson Road until January 18.

The tramway roadworks also affect:

Talbot Square, which is closed until February 28, Promenade, shut from West Street to Queen’s Square until January 21 and High Street, which is open one-way northbound only between Dickson Road and Talbot Road until November 26.

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Devonshire Road

Temporary traffic lights until November 18 due to Network Rail work.

Leopold Grove

Closed between Church Street and Adelaide Street until August 2019 due to the construction of the new Blackpool Conference Centre.

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Yeadon Way

Closed until December 3 for road structure inspection.

Ballam Road

Closed until December 10 due to gas line upgrades.