Tractor trailer overturns

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Part of a busy main road was blocked after a tractor trailer overturned spilling grass.

The incident happened around 1pm today on Shard Road between Hambleton and Poulton.

A post box was demolished and car damaged, but no-one was injured in the incident.

Gazette community correspondent Yvonne Fielding said: “A wagon shed it’s load of grass on to the road and island at the junction of Mains Lane and Shard Road.

“It happened outside my house with as massive bang.”

A spokesman for Lancashire police said: “Around 1pm a tractor trailer has come off the road and overturned.

“No one was injured but the road was partially blocked. A vehicle was there with a digger to try and tilt it upright.

“The road was not completely blocked but traffic was slow in getting past.”