Tracey gets support for her final Blackpool visit

Tracey Halliday from Perth, Scotland wants to spend a final holiday in Blackpool.
Tracey Halliday from Perth, Scotland wants to spend a final holiday in Blackpool.
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People and businesses across Blackpool have offered their support to cancer patient Tracey Halliday and her mission to spend one last time in the resort.

It follows a story in The Gazette on Monday where 41-year-old Tracey from Pert, Scotland, explained how she is desperate to make a final trip to the resort, after falling in love with Blackpool following her cancer diagnosis in 2015.

She started visiting with her husband Willie after being told she had womb cancer and wants to come back one last time after she found out that her cancer, which had come back despite a full hysterectomy, has spread.

And following the story many people wanted to offer their support and help Tracey enjoy her ‘last hurrah’.

David Graham owns Personalized Cakes and Catering Limited on Church Street and said he was touched by the story.

He said: “I’m actually from Perth myself and my cousin Karen is friends with Tracey. I’m more than happy to offer her and her family a free meal when they visit.”

Dora Maw owns the New Bond Hotel on Lord Street and has offered Tracey and her family accommodation for their stay free of charge.

Dora said: “It’s very sad indeed and I’ve got a soft heart so I would love to give her the chance to have a final great time in Blackpool.

“I would be more than happy to offer her a lift here and there as well to make sure she has a relaxing stay.”

Blackpool town cryer Barry McQueen has also offered to meet Tracey when she visits and wants to thank her for her love of the resort.

He said: “I was so sad to read the story and it brought a tear to my eye, but Tracey seems like a really nice woman and I would be delighted to meet her in my full town cryer outfit and hopefully show her and her family around the town.

“It’s the very least I could do for someone who loves Blackpool just like me.”

Tracey told The Gazette how Blackpool has become a special place for her and Willie.

“When anybody says Blackpool I just smile right away,” she said.

“It’s one of the best places ever. Whenever we went down we never wanted to come home again.”

“The first time we went we stayed at the North Pier at a pub called The Gynn and I never knew such a friendly pub. Everybody was just so brilliant.”